Land of Milk & Honey 

Welcome to the Land of Milk and Honey

This is the place of overlooked abundance.

The soil beneath our feet. This is what gives us life, what warms our bodies.

What strengthens our bones, calms and declutters our minds. This is what makes us vast, expansive, and gives us all we need.

This is what all tradition, all religion, calls the promised land. 

This the Land of Milk and Honey 


Grace, Milk and Honey

 I was awakened to plant medicine when I moved across the country and lived in Olympia, Washington. Here, I had my first intentional foraging experiences. I knew plant medicine was a large part of the culture in this little city, and it sparked my interest. I began making my own infusions and tinctures. I noticed their effects almost immediately. The gentleness of calendula salve and the movement of dandelion tincture sprung me into a practice and passion that felt so innate. I knew almost instantly that my time here on Earth would be of service to preserving this magik medicine and offering it to humanity.

Milk and Honey has been written about in scriptures since the dawn of religion, as abundance, as a symbol for healthy subsistence. The Land of Milk and Honey is a place we're always looking for, a place that is never here nor now. This idea is far from the Truth. The Land of Milk and Honey is the medicine that grows from our Earth. The herbs & weeds that proliferate our gardens, sidewalks, parks, forests, street sides. From the dandelion that penetrates through the sidewalk crack to the fields of red clover in the countryside, this is the Land of Milk and Honey. The medicine is all around us, everywhere, in all seasons, from cities to acres of forests and farm land. 

To know self-healing is one of the greatest gifts the world of plant medicine can offer. 

Through plants we can discover ways to prevent disease and suffering. 

We can take our health into our own hands. 

Connecting with the Earth and preserving it's medicine while we take it in connects us to that which is much larger than ourselves.

I hope through the Land of Milk and Honey, you may find the same. 

And Heal Yourself. 



I create medicines and art forms that are accessible to those who seek the knowledge on how to live fully, form a strong bond with themselves and heal through plant medicine. 

Herbalism Zines

Volume 1 & Volume 2 of "Land of Milk and Honey Herbals & Medicinals." 

These zines are a continuous creative project I started in August 2017. They hold original illustrations, recipes, rituals, & writings of my growing experiences in studying herbalism. 

They are assembled & bound by hand with love.


Available for sale on my Etsy page. 

Land of Milk and Honey Herbals & Medicinals: Volume 1

Land of Milk and Honey Herbals & Medicinals: Volume 2


Herb Pillows

Sleepy time herb pillows filled with lavender, rose, 

camomile, mugwort, & hops 



whole flowering plant of Dandelion tinctured in alcohol

Herbal Topical Salves

Calendula skin salve made with lavender & tea tree 

essential oil, beeswax & grape seed oil 

Herbal Honey 

Honey infused with roses & lavender 

I make a variety of medicines periodically. Most recently I've been experimenting with 

herbal honey, skin salve and tincturing a variety of herbs. 


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